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Students of the 3th year of sound design department of ied arti visive rome academic year 20082009 their space contains some personal notes and their final work created during the sound design course each student is the author of an original radio format some pills that means short information about design art and lifestyle jingles and sound logos made for radiofefè


Francesco Ornielli  (francesco ornielli) 
Pier Francesco Pelle  (frankie pelle) 
Giulia Scarantino  (giulia scarantino) 
Maria Giulia Donati  (jungle julia) 
Emanuele Salvati  (lele87) 
Luigi Gabriele  (luigi gabriele) 
Marcella Lamia  (marchhh) 
Andrea Abbate  (morecoffy) 
Paolo Pezzoli  (paolopez) 
Alessandro Piazzese  (plaza) 
Francesco Provenzano  (proventek) 
Andrea Taruggi  (system shock) 
Giorgio Sorani  (the pox box) 
Federica Caiozzo  (thony)