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1 How can I listen to RADIO FEFÈ?
Go to the home page of RADIO FEFÈ and click on the “click&play” tab, or to the home page of the website HYPERLINK ""

2 I can’t listen to RADIO FEFE. What can be the reason?

a. Maybe in your browser it is not integrated Macromedia Flash Player, you can upload it to this link:   
 b. Maybe on your computer they are not installed the codecs MP3 & AAC, discharge and it installs a reader adjourned multimedial and the problem  should turn. You can download free some players adjourned to these links:
c. Maybe you don't have a broadband to listen to audio in streaming, in this case contacts the firm that furnishes you the service Adsl

3 Where can I find the contents of the programs?
At RADIO FEFE’s website under Programs.

4 Where can I send my suggestions about the radio?
To the email: HYPERLINK ""

5 I’m a musician and/or member of a band and/or record producer, where can I send my tracks and my original records?
To the email: HYPERLINK "", or to the attention of RADIO FEFÈ ’s editorial staff, Via Casilina 47, 00182 Roma