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Per l'edizione 2011, nell'Osservatorio Internazionale sono stati selezionati oltre 40 artisti. In questa sezione i profili di alcuni di loro



He has been selected for the 2011 edition of Viedram. One of his videos will be screened at the International Observatory.

On his website, Sebastian Baptista introduces himself as follows: “I'm Sebastian Baptista, I like to tell stories and move things”.


MK12 – Filmmaking Collective
MK12constantly challenges the boundaries between narrative structure and experimental storytelling by juxtaposing live action, graphic design and new technologies.
Its most recent film, "MK12's History of America", proves to be their most ambitious work to date, merging experimental design and traditional storytelling to dramatic effect. One of MK12’s videos will be screened at the International Observatory of Viedram 2011.
RESONANCE – Collaborative Project
Resonance is a collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers. The aim is to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.

After debuting at Barcelona digital culture festival OFFF, Resonance presents one of its projects at the International Observatory of Viedram 2011.

Previous Production:
Emrah GONULKIRMAZ – Motion Designer
Emrah Gonulkirmaz is a motion designer from Toronto, Canada. He has been selected for the 2011 edition of Viedram. One of his works will be screened at the International Observatory.
SELFBURNING – Motion Designers
Selfburning: two Russian artists creating animation and motion design.
The project by Selfburning is the fifth to be selected for Viedram 2011, and will be the final work screened at the International Observatory, in the “Sound” category.
Previous Production:
CARLOS LASCANO – Multi-faceted artist
Writer, director, animator, illustrator, painter and photographer, his ability to tell stories led him to devote himself entirely to filmmaking, as it allowed him to merge all different forms of expression.

In the last few years, Carlos Lascano has successfully devoted himself to animation: the massive spreading of his latest works (both personal and commercial) has earned him a worldwide reputation, turning him into a reference point in modern animation.

WEAREFLINK – Motion Design Studio
Weareflink is a motion design studio made up of three members: Andreas Lampe, executive producer and partner; Nico Tziopanos, creative director and partner; Martin Hess, art director. Weareflink is based in Hamburg, Germany. Weareflink blurs the boundaries between design and computer graphics.
On the Vimeo channel dedicated to the studio, there are only three short sentences to convey their concept: “we invent, we direct and we guide”.
Recent Production:
MIE – Creative Studio Specialising in Animation
MIE was set up by YibiHu and Joe Marshall in2009. Their aim was to form a studio that could produce ideas and stories to the highest level.
MIEgenerates content using progressive and innovative techniques, working in 2D, 3D, live action, and stop motion. MIE does not just make things look beautiful, but attaches thought, consideration and ideas to everything they do.
CAPTIVE – Creative Studio Specialising in Animation
Captive is a creative studio specialising in animation. Based in Lisbon, it uses animation to catapult the viewer into the colourful, illustrative world of narrative.
Captive’s work has appeared in acclaimed festivals such as Motionographer, Pictoplasma, Stash and IDN.
Previous Production:
Andersen M Studio – Creative Studio
Siblings Martin Andersen and Line Andersen work in the areas of art direction, graphic design, photography, animation, film, and music.
Their priority is to produce original creative communication. All their works have personality and originality.
Previous Production:
KIM PIMMEL – Motion Designer
Kim Pimmel is a motion designer. In his “Compressed 02” video, he combined ferrofluid liquid with soap bubbles to create a quite eerie tale.
Previous Production, Compressed 02:
CANDAS SISMAN – Video & Sound Designer
Sisman has participated in many important festivals, such as Nemo Digital Arts and Film Festival. His works contain a naivety that is often in contradiction with the commotion and ideology of life in general.
The artist incorporates abstract narrative language. The events emerging from his work pass through an emotional and perceptual filter.
ERAN HILLELI – Motion Graphic Designer
Eran Hilleli is a motion graphic designer. He creates intense, profound and extremely detailed videos. His work can be defined as “essential” and “procedural”.
The video we have selected here is a short film created for his third year of animation studies, which is entitled: “Inside/Out” (2009).
Previous Production:
MICHEL KLOFKORN – Video Designer
Michel Klöfkorn is an artist with a background in drawing, film history, aesthetics, analogue film, and digital video.
Between the years 2003 and 2006, Klöfkorn worked as an illustrator and animator in Paris. Michel is interested in finding new and unusual ways to illustrate music.
Previous Production:
SERGE TARDIF – Web Designer - Motion Graphic Designer
In over 15 years of experience, Serge Tardif has created animations, illustrations and presentations for a multitude of clients.
He has specialised in the use of all Adobe CS4 programmes: Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut Pro.
LEONARDO BETTI – Sound Designer – Motion Designer
Leonardo Betti studied Music and New Technologies at the “L. Cherubini” Conservatory of Florence. He worked as a sound designer and motion graphic designer for fashion brands, such as Armani, and animation studios, such as Misseri Studio.
Leonardo has also created short films and interactive installations commissioned by European art galleries and museums, using Max / MSP / Jitter.
Previous Production:
KIRSTEN LEPORE – Motion Designer
Kirsten Lepore is an animator graduated in 2007 from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her thesis project, which we present here as “Previous Production”, is Sweet Dreams: a 10-minute animated film made almost entirely with real food.

The film tells the story of a cupcake yearning to find something beyond its world of sugar cube skyscrapers and frosting-covered friends.
MERGE RECORDS – Record Lable

Merge Records, founded in 1989, is an independent music label based in downtown Durham.

The label releases approximately 30 albums (in LP, CD, and digital formats) each year, representing artists from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Previous Production:

LWZ – Motion Designers
On its website, Lwz defines itself as “an independent collective of (un)employed academics”. In April, Lwz members were invited by to be part of the Gustav Mahler Festival at the Kulturhaus Radio in Vienna.
The video available at the link below is the one screened at the above-mentioned Festival.
Previous Production:
MATHIEU WOTHKE – Motion Designer
Mathieu was born in the early 80sin France. He studied graphic design at French school Les Gobelins, and in the same years he started directing his first music videos and short films.
He directed his first commercials for clients such as Audi, Ikea, Bailey,Sony Ericksson.
THE JACK STUPID – Graphic and Video Designer
The Jack Stupid studied Product Service System Design at the Politecnico of Milan. Meanwhile, he worked as an artist in music, design and video making.
He started his career working as a graphic designer for web and print. Then he approached video art under the pseudonym “The Jack Stupid”.
Previous Production:
ADAM GRABOWSKY – Motion Designer
Adam Grabowsky is a Brooklyn-based designer with a passion for telling  “visual stories”. He studied at BFAGraphic Design – School of Visual Arts.
The artist has received numerous awards and recognitions, among which theSVA Motion Graphics Scholarship.
Showreel 2011:
SEAN PECKNOLD – Motion Designer
Sean Pecknold is a motion designer. On his website, he says about himself: “I am a nomad, but can usually be found in Portland, New York or Los Angeles”.
He makes visuals, films and animations. Among his works, we recommend a video called “New York Times Magazine – Year in Ideas”.
Previous Production:
ROGER TV – Production Company Specialising in Motion Graphics, Live Action, and Interactive Media
On its website, Roger TV is described as “a playground that brings creative visions to life. A spirit of fun and playfulness radiates through everything we do”.
Their communication is “loud and clear”, and their thinking is “fresh and innovative”.
ELOISA ITURBE – Television Design Studio
EloisaIturbe is a Television Design Studiobased in Buenos Aires and working with worldwide clients, such asNational Geographic Channel, Fox, MTV, VH1 andTurner.

Its goal is to keep it simple and clean, beautiful and meaningful, and to come up with a unique and appropriate solution for each project.


Previous Production: MTV Push
JUAN PABLO KESSLER – Motion Graphic Designer
Juan Pablo Kessler is currently the Art Director of Design, Motion Design and Ad-Sales for the channels: FOX, FOXCRIME, FoxLife, FOXRETRO, FX, CULT.
MOIRA ABRAMZON - Motion Graphic Designer
Moira Abramzon is the head of the video design programme at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, where she has been teaching video production and motion graphics since 2003.
She has been part of the in-house creative team of free television channels, such as CBS and America TV, and worked as an art director in productions for satellite channels, such as Fox Life, National Geographic Channels and Fox Kids.
JACQUET YANNICK – Motion Graphic Designer
Born in Geneva in 1980, Yannick Jacquet lives and works in Brussels. Originally trained as a graphic artist, he currently deals with motion design.
Yannick Jacquet often works together with numerous artists, notably with those of the ANTIVJ label, of which he is a founding member.
Previous Production:
Urban Screen’s field of activity is the creation of multimedia large-scale projections on urban surfaces. The company conceives and produces custom-made media installations using high artistic standards and stylistic devices and a spacious architectural background. In doing so, Urban Screen creates uniquely outstanding impressions.
Previous Production:
Apparati Effimeri works in the field of Visual Design, creating architectural mapping and multimedia installations. Apparati Effimeri creates new links between the past history of human vision and contemporary techniques and approaches to visual art.

The project started in 2008 in Bologna. Apparati Effimeri constantly focuses on bringing the idea of exhibition up do date.

1024 ARCHITECTURE - Mapping
1024Architecture is a company created by Pierre François Schneider and WUNSCHEL, both co-founders of the EXYZT collective.

1024 Architecture focuses on the interaction between body, space, sound, visual, low-tech and hi-tech, art and architecture. The company makes audio-visual installations, micro-architecture, urban interventions, performances and exhibitions.
Previous Production:
Delta.process is a crew of European multimedia artists. Originally active in Turin, where they created live visual performances for the minimal.tek opening night, Delta.process works with a number of international artists and musicians such as: magda&trypircing; elenalien; nphect; mc victor; lnripley; krakatoa[samuel&pisty]; rollersinc; noorglo[decadence]; ingrid&monzi [beat kaple]; jako&mr.jane (out-spike) megatronsound; Makaprod; ekidnaeventgroup. icone[059]; le scuderie; classic zen; il cerchio e la goccia; underscore7; spazio fisico; noquortersound;
LUCAS BORRAS – Motion Titles Designer
Lucas Borras is an artist from Barcelona. He currently works and lives in New York.
He has directed title sequences, music videos, being in charge of the creative direction of TV programmes, commercials, interactive installations and live visuals.

He has developed projects for worldwide clients such as Levi’s, Etrade, Verizon, Fuel TV, The Bravery, TVE, Trident, Smirnoff, Primavera Sound Festival, Hyperpotamus, Sherwin Williams, WWF, MAD in Spagna, ADG-FAD, Qwest, TV3, Hewlett-Packard, among others.

Previous Production:
SOULBASE – Motion Design Studio
Soulbaseis a creative studio specialising in motion design and animation. Projects run for a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, interaction, retail, and entertainment industries.
They describe their work as “visceral, innovative and diverse: we make images move but also intend to move people”.
Previous Production:
DANIEL KLOHN – Motion Graphic Titles Designer
Daniel Klohn was born in Herford, Germany, in 1984. He is a motion graphic designer and title designer.
As a designer, he works for film, television, print, and other media. The artist presents his work at Viedram 2011- Rome.
SMOG – Design and Animation Studio
Based in Santiago, Chile, Smog deals with design,animation andproduction.
The studio is made up of MosèGonzalez + Arancibia and a team of multidisciplinary super-talented people.
Previous Production:
JORGE CALVO – Motion Designer
Jorge Calvo is a motion designer. He works at the Royal Cow studio, which mainly deals with audio-visual production and post-production.
One of his works will be screened at the International Observatory of Viedram 2011.
Previous Production:
HENRY HOBSON – Motion Designer
Henry Hobson is a Motion Designer selected for the 8thedition of VIEDRAM.
One of his videos will be screened at the International Observatory.
ROYALE – Motion Design
The Royale Motion Design Studio works with FUEL TV. It participates in the 8thedition of Viedram with one of its works.
One of Royale’s videos will be screened at the International Observatory.
FLOATING - Motion Designer

Floating is a Motion Designer selected for VIEDRAM 2011. One of the works created by Floating will be screened at the International Observatory.

You have already had the chance to see one of Floating’s “Previous Productions”: VIEDRAM 2011 Promo.